Oct 10

Dark Side of the Lens

You know what I love? The internet, and this crazy time we’re living in. Ten years ago, well, more like twenty, you could never just wake up on a Saturday morning, make some eggs and a cheese quesadilla, and sit down at your computer to read the news, see what your friends are up to, and HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN.

It isn’t a profound thought by any means, but it’s so easy to share information, ideas, photos, videos, and everything else these days that it just confounds me a little bit. It’s really amazing. The idealist in me would like to think that this ability to relate to one another, to share experiences like never before, and see other people’s perspectives will bring something of a cultural and societal, or maybe just human, revolution, or maybe enlightenment is a better word, but in any case like the industrial revolution and all of the dramatic advances it brought to other aspects of our lives. The cynic in me knows that’s probably unlikely, and the part of me living in the moment doesn’t really care because it’s the momentary transfer of information and spontaneous communication that matters.

Anyway, that’s enough of that, since the whole reason I’m writing is this video below that I happened to stumble across this morning. It’s a lush portrait of why we adventure photographers do what we do. I don’t know anything about who made it (http://www.theastray.com/), but I do know that it is right, and good, and perfect, downright beautiful, and gives me the chills:

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Oct 10

New Tilt-Shift Videos

It’s been a few years now that tilt-shift photos and videos have been popping up, but these are the two of my favorites. The miniature feel is great in both, as are the color, subject, and post production. I absolutely love how they make the world feel so little and playful and childish and toy-like. Be sure to watch both in full-screen HD.

The first is about a year old now, from t-s pioneer Keith Loutit. Aptly titled Bathtub V, from Sydney, Australia:

The second is brand new, by Sam O’Hare, and was comissioned by the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Though I’ve never been able to make it myself, it’s arguably the best music festival in the US every summer, and I’m guessing the video does it justice. Just amazing:

Coachelletta from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.