Jan 11

Tram, Clouds

Quick shot of the tram above the morning sea of clouds:

Jan 11


This morning’s webcam view from the summit cam at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Not my photo necessarily, but I did help position the webcam way back when, so…

Jan 11

Supervolcano Magnetism

True story by Melissa Larsen, photo by Jesse Brown. From JH Snowboarder Magazine, Issue 5:

Annnnd larger versions of each page:


Jan 11


Jan 11


Yes, the Crags are my favorite spot to shoot. Hands down, no question. Nice ski patrollers shoot and throw a whole bunch of explosives in all the right spots, just so I can go out and have the best ski times of my life. And afterwards, when it goes sunny and blue? All the stashes are still fatty fat and ready to go. Here’s to many, many more sessions in the Crags, Wyoming USA.

Skier: AJ Puccia.

Jan 11

New Work: Abbie Miller

Evidence suggests that Abbie Miller’s new piece Man-Made, currently on display at the Factory:

1). Controls the weather.
2). May have the power to stop a 2012 cataclysm.
3). Also affects whale migration, the tides, and rarely-witnessed shark mating rituals.

Seriously though, it’s made of vinyl and one 200 foot long zipper and it’s, well, amazing. Come see for yourself. Please, no pacemakers, cats, metal objects, or bottles containing fluids over 2 oz.

Jan 11

A foot of FRESH

Woke up to 12″ of new snow and clear skies all morning – here are two shots from one of the best ski days in recent memory…

Jan 11

Factory Studios Grand Opening

Thursday, January 13 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Location 1255 Gregory Lane

Teton Artlab presents Factory Studios, a candy factory converted into multi-use studios for creativity. Several artists and creative organizations will call this space home, including Teton Artlab, Strapped Glass, Treefight, the Deadlocks, Caldera Collective, Abbie Miller, Meg Daly, and more to be announced.

Over 6,500 square feet of space will include a contemporary gallery, glassblowing studio, printmaking presses, and digital media lab. In addition there are 8 private studios ranging from 112 to 1,000 square feet.

Our grand opening will feature large scale art by Abbie Miller and Ben Roth, as well as an in studio performance by the Deadlocks.

Parking is ample around the building, especially on Martin Lane around Bison Lumber. See you there!

Jan 11

Urban Exploration

Here’s a great video of urban explorer Steve Duncan poking around in the unseen wilderness above and below New York City. I heard an awesome NPR story about these guys about a week ago, and this video by Andrew Wonder came my way today (thanks, KP). It’s 26 minutes long and well worth watching.

Jan 11

Time Lapse Motion

Been working on some video stuff, here’s a test of the Factory Studios clocks. Shot on a Nikon D300, combined in Quicktime, and motion added in Final Cut.