Feb 11

Dispatch from the DEEP

Two photos from our second lap of the morning:

Skier: AJ Puccia

Feb 11

Brain Farm :: The Art of Flight

This. Just. Happened. Life may never be the same.

Feb 11

Stance Films :: Life Cycles

I’ve been working on a project and haven’t posted much lately but I found this today, after missing the full film this weekend as part of the Banff Film Festival. It’s another face melter.

Feb 11

Erik Seo: Pro Photographer Showdown

Here’s an incredible video portfolio from Salt Lake photographer Erik Seo. Actually, it’s his entry for the Pro Photographer Showdown at the 2010 World Ski and Snowboard Festival. Really, really nice work.

Feb 11

Man Getting Hit By Football

This works on so many levels right now!