Jun 11

TGR :: One For the Road

TGR just dropped their new trailer for One For the Road. I spy Phantom slow-mos, cable cams, Brain Farm-ish heli scenics, lots of time lapses on motion rigs, and a new crop of riders – Tom Wallnuts, anyone…? Will the movie actually live up to the trailer?

Jun 11

Zombie Weaponry

Just FYI. Also note the classy, clean design. Vurrrry nice:

Via when we breathe, we live.

Jun 11


Way better on blu-ray… Buy it on Amazon or something.

Jun 11


An AMAZING event at the Factory, right here in Jackson, Wyoming…

Jun 11

The Decisive Moment

Well, that’s upsetting. Apparently this wonderful Henri Cartier-Bresson vid has been deleted from Vimeo. Lame.

Jun 11

Little People :: Slinkachu

And now, a post embracing my obsession with miniature things – there are a few people out there shooting tiny plastic people posed in street scenes, or on food (see Christoper Boffoli), but my favorite is definitely London-based artist Slinkachu, who’s been shooting The Little People Project since 2006. It’s a mix of street art, performance art, and photography and he’s presenting the full package – the tiny figures are posed on real streets with real objects, and the photo sequences zoom way out so you get to see the installations in various scales and contexts, each one very different than the previous. They’re funny, smart, and subtle, especially considering their size. Anyway, here are a few images:

Wet ‘n’ Wild

One Day Son

The Local Authority

There are tons more at The Little People blog, it’s awesome and I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s an interview on The Economist blog More Intelligent Life. Also – books for sale on Amazon. Check out Inner City Snail, it’s pretty sweet too.

Jun 11


Here are two of the strangest and most awesomest videos I’ve ever seen, both from video artist Cyriak Harris:

Thanks to Tony Birkholtz of Another Being Creative for the tip-off. I think these contrast nicely with the previous post…

Jun 11

Modern Art

via wick was here