Mar 12

Baldface Night Shots

I had an incredible opportunity this past weekend to head up to Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC for a private 3-day shoot. It was absolutely DUMPING almost the entire time there, so I didn’t have much good light. Saturday night the weather cleared for a bit and I was able to get out and light up the lodge, chalets, and trees for some decent night shots – too bad it wasn’t clear, because adding stars to the images would have made for some really sweet shots. Also had a chance to shoot the legendary Scot Schmidt on our heli ride out – he was skiing with other people in our group the whole weekend, but this is a better shot anyway. Scot is one of the reasons skiing is what it is today, a true pioneer, amazing athlete and incredible inspiration; it’s always a thrill to meet one of your childhood heroes.

And an incred video of old Warren Miller footage of Scot:

Mar 12

Sharks :: Michael Muller

Michael Muller’s work would be stunning even if he were just photographing humans, but no, he shoots great whites. With underwater lighting. Incredible. Check out his site HERE.