Feb 13

Cyriak – Bonobo :: Cirrus

I’ve posted some of Cyriak’s work before; my earlier praise still holds true. Here’s some of his latest work, a music vid for Bonobo’s new song Cirrus off their upcoming album The North Borders:

Feb 13

Mato Atom :: Seagulls

Wow, amazing:

seagulls from Mato Atom on Vimeo.

Feb 13

All Things That Fly Interview

I spent about an hour last week talking with Daniel and Lucien from allthingsthatfly.com about my experiences so far in the aerial world. These guys get pretty technical and most of their knowledge is way over my head, but we kept it pretty focused on the photo and video side of things, and my successes and some notable failures so far. The full audio is below, and the direct link to the site is here. I come in around 20 min 45 sec into the show:

Feb 13

Summer 2012 Aerials

I’ve spent some time the past few months shooting for Big-D Signature – they’re building some incredible custom homes in Jackson; flying the heli around their job sites was one of the major highlights of the summer. Here’s a quick vid:

Some stills:

And some non-construction stills too: