Mar 13

Middle Teton at Sunrise

Here’s a shot of Middle Teton at sunrise from the beginning of Wall Street. Can’t wait for climbing season…

Mar 13

Gothic Couloir

I’ve been digging through my archives lately, it’s pretty great to come across stuff like this that I’ve kinda forgotten about. Here’s a re-edit of a frame from Tiny JH – Hunter Wood dropping Gothic Couloir in the Jackson backcountry:

And why not, an animated gif too, yeah!

Mar 13

Andrew Whiteford Backflip

Not sure anyone’s ever seen these frames – Andrew Whiteford backflipping Fat Bastard in 2011:

I’ve also recently started a Tumblr site to keep all this random stuff in one easily accessible spot, check it out here. Here’s one more from the Tram crow’s nest over Thunder: