Low Earth Orbit #01 :: The R&D Reel

Low Earth Orbit #01 :: The R&D Reel from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.

This fall, I set out on a road trip across the West – of no set length or itinerary – to test a new, smaller helicopter/camera setup. The original dream for Tiny Jackson (vimeo.com/21864555) was to shoot the whole thing from a helicopter, but in the real world that’d just be impractical and stupidly wasteful. So for two years now, I’ve been experimenting with different combinations of gear to find something that fits my needs – a small, light setup that will operate in any location, at any altitude, at a moment’s notice. Episode 01 is a collection of testing process highlights – some from this summer, some from 5 weeks on the road this fall, and some from the mountains so far this winter…

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