Apr 13

DJI Phantom :: Indian Creek

I just got back from two weeks in the Utah desert, with a few days in Moab and about a week climbing in Indian Creek.  This time I left the Cinestar 8 at home to mess with a new DJI Phantom, and the early prognosis is that it’s pretty amazing.  It flies a GoPro Hero 3, which has some limitations, but it’s still very capable of producing incredible photos.  For now video looks wobbly and problematic – it’s plagued by rolling shutter problems, and the fixed mount gives it a very un-cinematic feel.  DJI is on the verge of releasing a stabilized gimbal, which should drastically improve the capabilities of the whole setup for video, which is very, very exciting.

In any case, it’s super easy to fly, has a bunch of advanced GPS capabilities, and with its tiny size, can fly from anywhere with virtually no assembly time.  It was great for climbing photos from crazy, otherwise impossible angles – it’s easy to hand launch and land from the base of the crag, and in good light the GoPro shots look great:

If any at GoPro is listening, can we get a RAW file output on the still photos? That’d take the Hero3 to a whole new level for stuff like this and it seems like it’s just a firmware upgrade away…

As for DJI Innovations, they’re an amazing new company with an innovative foundation and a bright future:

DJI presents “THE FUTURE OF POSSIBLE” from DJI Innovations on Vimeo.

Apr 13

Annunaki :: Indian Creek, Utah

Luke Walker on Annunaki, 5.12- last Fall in Indian Creek:


Mar 13

Middle Teton at Sunrise

Here’s a shot of Middle Teton at sunrise from the beginning of Wall Street. Can’t wait for climbing season…

Feb 13

Summer 2012 Aerials

I’ve spent some time the past few months shooting for Big-D Signature – they’re building some incredible custom homes in Jackson; flying the heli around their job sites was one of the major highlights of the summer. Here’s a quick vid:

Some stills:

And some non-construction stills too:

Jan 13

Mosaic Magazine Photo Essay

This fall, Snow King Resort was purchased by a company called Benchmark Hospitality International, which is unremarkable in my everyday life, except that they also publish Mosaic Magazine, an annual in-room publication for a selection of Benchmark’s resorts nationwide. The premiere issue of Mosaic features my images in a 14-page photo essay about shooting in the Yellowstone-Teton region. I’m somewhat misquoted on more than one occasion, but that’s ok since the photos look great in their sparse, minimal layout:


Here’s the online version too.

Jan 13

Dean Potter :: Moonwalk

I loved this shot of Dean Potter slacklining in Yosemite by Mikey Schaefer when I saw it posted by Nat Geo sometime last year, and now there’s a beautiful short video to go along with it:

Moonwalk from Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Oct 12

Port of Oakland

A few shots from the other day driving around all the cranes and stuff on the Oakland waterfront. I like the thought that these giant cranes will be here long after we’re gone, and someday aliens will arrive and think that maybe they were the last holdouts of a race of enormous machines that once ruled the Earth.


Oct 12

Aurora Borealis :: Jackson WY

Here’s a first for me – northern lights over the Tetons. What a strange and amazing summer it’s been…

Sep 12

Little Horsethief Fire :: Jackson WY

Little Horsethief Fire :: Jackson, WY from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.

Sep 12

Scotty Craighead :: Potentially

We showed Scotty‘s (amazing) new work back in June at the Big Haus Studios opening: