Dec 12

Teton Aerials

Flying in and out of Jackson can be an amazing experience – or incredibly frustrating if you happen to be unceremoniously, anti-climatically smashed into a window seat on the wrong side of the plane. I’ve always wanted to shoot the Tetons from the air, so with a healthy bit of snow already frosting the high peaks and a two-day window of photo-friendly high pressure last week, I decided to take chance out of the equation and go up in a little Cessna at sunrise to see what I might see.

At the worst I figured it would be a fun, though somewhat costly adventure, but at the very least I knew the photos would probably be pretty decent. I got up at 4:45 and drove over to Driggs in the dark last Monday morning, only to find a thick bank of clouds over the Grand, and called off the flight. Aerial photoshoots always generate the most anxiety, but the next morning I repeated the nervous drive and everything came together on cue – I spent two hours above 14,000 feet, circling the Tetons in perfect morning light – the sum of which was one of the most ridiculous, incredible spectacles I’ve been lucky enough to witness since living in Jackson. Turns out the photos were pretty good too.

So, enjoy…

Southern-facing view over Mt. Moran

Grand Teton – North Face

Cathedral Group Summits – South, Middle, Dissapointment, Grand, Owen, and Teewinot

Summits of South, Middle and Grand Teton as viewed from the south at 14,300 ft

Looking south from somewhere over the remote northwestern part of the range

Low clouds over Jackson Lake

The abrupt rise and complexity of the terrain becomes apparent…

Looking north over the range

Summit of the Grand with the summit of Middle in the foreground, the Exum Ridge marking the line between light and dark on the Grand

Arguably some of the best ski terrain in the world – the southern Tetons from Granite Canyon to Rendezvous Peak

Detail – Top of the Tram and Cody Peak

A rare self-portrait!

Nov 12

Into The Mind Trailer :: Sherpas Cinema


Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Nov 12

Washington Post Ski Guide 2012

Psyched to see a few images run in the Washington Post’s Travel Section 2012 Ski Guide on November 25, 2012:

Oct 12

Japan :: A Skier’s Journey

Japan: A Skier’s Journey EP1 S3 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Sep 12

JH Snowboarder :: Yelawolf

How did I never post these? Man, my head’s been in the clouds this whole year. Here are some shots from this past January’s annual JH Snowboarder release party, this year featuring Yelawolf.

Aug 12

Helio Collective :: Searching For West

Searching for West from Helio Collective on Vimeo.

Found this on the Kessler Crane website last night – it features some beautiful aerials on both R/C and full-size platforms, and a bunch of other great camera work too from Montana-based Helio Collective. From the Searching for West website:

The hunt is a pursuit of balance, while searching for the unknown. The balance that death has struck with life, the one sustaining the other. Everything we eat was alive once. The farmer clears his field in autumn for new life in the spring, and there’s a rhythm to it all. One man in one place, doing just one thing at a time.

Mark Seacat’s son, West, was born 10 days before elk season. Husband. Father. Hunter. Where does he draw the line on how much to sacrifice?

Mar 12

Baldface Night Shots

I had an incredible opportunity this past weekend to head up to Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC for a private 3-day shoot. It was absolutely DUMPING almost the entire time there, so I didn’t have much good light. Saturday night the weather cleared for a bit and I was able to get out and light up the lodge, chalets, and trees for some decent night shots – too bad it wasn’t clear, because adding stars to the images would have made for some really sweet shots. Also had a chance to shoot the legendary Scot Schmidt on our heli ride out – he was skiing with other people in our group the whole weekend, but this is a better shot anyway. Scot is one of the reasons skiing is what it is today, a true pioneer, amazing athlete and incredible inspiration; it’s always a thrill to meet one of your childhood heroes.

And an incred video of old Warren Miller footage of Scot:

Jul 11

The Art of Flight :: Metal Trailer

Here’s the second trailer for The Art of Flight, and it’s even sexier than the first…

The movie premieres September 7th in NYC, and hits Jackson on September 24th.

Jun 11

TGR :: One For the Road

TGR just dropped their new trailer for One For the Road. I spy Phantom slow-mos, cable cams, Brain Farm-ish heli scenics, lots of time lapses on motion rigs, and a new crop of riders – Tom Wallnuts, anyone…? Will the movie actually live up to the trailer?

Apr 11

Tiny JH :: Wired.com

I was really excited to see my Tiny JH vid hit the Wired homepage last week: